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Bushin – MMA Night is Coming!

March 29th 2018 - MMA NIGHT A reminder that MMA night is just around the corner coming next Thursday! We do the stand up, we do the groundwork, come along to see the step in between these two disciplines! Also, another reminder that the deadline for the Early Bird...

Bushin – The Core Principle To Success

So, this week we have been working a lot in class about engaging our glutes and core to maintain form and to generate power, regardless of what your opponent is doing. This trains us to never break our structure and to trust you have a better style than they do as...

Bushin – Smashing The Grading

Well done to everyone yesterday who graded. Standard was again very very high with lots of big marks being achieved. The stand out performer of the day was Dean but as Sensei Cailey said, it was a close run thing. About time too Dean! His last grading was back in 2016...

Bushin – Keep It Real

Hi all, Quite a big post today. First off, new look site! We have again been working hard behind the scenes to keep making Bushin better and trying to get new people in through our doors to train with us, learn from us, challenge us and become part of our family. Have...

Bushin – Couple of notes!

Hi all, Couple of quick notes. Grading is THIS SUNDAY. It came round fast! Starts at 2pm sharp so Graders get there with plenty of time to spare and make sure you warm up. Others are welcome to come along and watch/support. Secondly, Summer Camp reminder! Early bird...

Bushin – Box Clever – 15th Feb

Coming 15th Feb is Boxing Night! We will be holding a special session where we will focus entirely on improving our boxing skills, all with the added bonus of sparring it in to test it under pressure! Should be a great night!

Bushin – Why Are You Here?

NEWCOMERS NIGHT – 23rd JAN – SIGN UP FOR HALF PRICE While I was in Hong Kong recently, I was busy working on our new website (more on that later) and in the background I had Wanted playing. It happened to get to the rather gruesome scene where Angelina Jolie beats the...

Bushin – Newcomers Night, January 23rd. Can You Fight?

NEWCOMERS NIGHT – 23rd JAN – SIGN UP FOR HALF PRICE Step Up Your Fight Game! On Tuesday 23rd January, we are having our Newcomers Night. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fighter, come along and try our fantastic streetfighting martial art. You will sweat,...

Bushin – Completing The Jigsaw

Happy New Year all! As is tradition now, we are gearing up to kick off 2018 with a bang and a birdie told me that it will be a busy one for all Bushinites and the club. Time for a musing from Sensei Cailey... "Akemshite Omedeto – Happy new year! I hope you all have a...

Bushin – Merry Christmas Bushinites!

As the last session of 2017 came to a close on Tuesday (well done to those who managed to come along to the open session), it just remains for all of us on the Bushin team to wish our members a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2017 has been a big year of...

Bushin – The Joy of Gradings

With the final grading of 2017 coming up, let me be a bit of a weirdo and just come out with it. I love taking part in gradings. Before you give me/your screen a strange look like "he is crazy", let me explain why. For the record, I am fairly sure Sensei Cailey loves...

Bushin – Fight Night Viewings

Hi guys, For those who came to our Fight Night, the moment you have all been waiting for (or not) has arrived! Videos are now prepped and ready for those who attended to view in all their glory. I will shortly be sending out an email to those who came along the link...

Bushin Martial Art

Queen Mother Sports Centre, 223 Vauxhall Bridge Road, Victoria, London, SW1V 1EL

Where and When

Queen Mother Sports Centre
223 Vauxhall Bridge Road
Victoria, London

Tuesdays   7.45 to 8.45pm – Core Streetfighting
Tuesdays   8.45 to 9.30pm – Technicals
Thursdays 7.30 to 8.30pm – Core Streetfighting
Thursdays 8.30 to 9.00pm – Technicals
Thursdays 9.00 to 9.45pm – Ground Fighting

£60/month for 5 classes/week
Free trial class